You’ll Make Seriously Good BBQ

On a meticulously handcrafted smoker

You already know evenly cooked, mouthwatering BBQ, requires quality meat, preparation, skill and patience. Since you’re here, you also know that no amount of cooking talent can overcome an inferior smoker.

For more than 20 years Bubba Grills has been refining and improving our smokers to help you make mouthwatering BBQ. Bubba Grills smokers are handcrafted in our shop in the small town of Haddock, Georgia, deep in the heart of BBQ country.

And while our love for great BBQ influences our smoker designs, they also are the product of our experience at more than 500 BBQ contests and 60 championships. It’s our meticulous attention to quality and competition-tested improvements that make our series of reverse flow cookers the best you can buy.

Let’s plan your smoker today – call me at (478) 288-1433

Hey, I’m Lonnie Smith, the owner and fire master at Bubba Grills. I really do eat my own cooking. The reverse flow smokers I use in competition are the same brand as the smokers on my patio – Bubba Grills.

Every weld, bolt and nut of these custom, American-made BBQ beasts is thoughtfully planned and precisely executed. And I’m so confident in the dependability of the smokers we build, that I put my personal cell phone number on every unit we ship.

So unleash your smoke-whispering talent on a custom Bubba Grills smoker. Order yours today by calling me direct, at the same number you’ll find on the back of your new grill (478) 288-1433.

The Best Cookers You Can Buy

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